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My Week

Greeetings. I did not post a blog last week, or the week before… so yeah.

  • On Monday I played Fortnite, yes i’ve been sucked into the vortex. Drew a little bit. also played Binding of Isaac Afterbirth plus. And after school I met with a math tutor, we went over some radicals/geometry and I now remember the formula to find volume of a sphere and a circle yey.
  • On Tuesday I played some more Fortnite lel, also caught up on some geometry and did some review work. Didn’t do that much on Tuesday.
  • On Wednesday it was a chill day, a group of people went to a civil rights museum, so a bunch of people were gone, so I just hung out, played Fortnite with some people that are visiting the school, and drew a little bit.
  • On Thursday We did change-up first thing, we didn’t really do a standard change-up, we did a different activity, where we basically write down what we want more of, then what we are challenged by/what we want less of, it was a fun activity I also played Isaac and played a small bit of Fortnite.
  • On Friday We did community lunch, then a gratitude circle. I played some Isaac and didn’t play fortnite, what a shock.

Yeah thats it a sorta productive week.

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