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My semi-lame week

What it do? I’m gonna be doing something new. I’m gonna share what I did this week!(sarcasm)

  • On Monday It poured outside, soo not much happened. It was a chill day, I just did random stuff on my computer. just played Hypixel.
  • On Tuesday I did a Tai Chi thing that a kid from roots grandmother offered, it was actually really awesome, we learned a few things about energy and how to disrupt it, and it actually worked. I couldn’t do the entire class because I had to do geometry,
  • On Wednesday I did change-up, and after that I went outside and helped Miguel (A facilitator from roots) with the garden on the frontside of the school. And after that ate lunch and just chilled for the rest of the day.
  • On Thursday I hung out with some friends, then I had to do geometry and had a hard time remembering certain things like formulas to find area of shapes. After that I ate lunch, then I helped Miguel some more with the garden, usually when I help him I just help with the landscape, kinda. Again, just chilled for the rest of the day.
  • On Friday I drew, a decent amount, I just did some figure sketches, I haven’t had a lot of inspiration lately so I just drew a bunch of random stuff, and I ended up liking it. Then I played Hypixel a little bit, after that we did community lunch and gratitude and shoutouts, and now i’m blogging.

Welp thats pretty much it.

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