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My “Decent” Week

Oi Welcome back to another masterpiece.

  • On Monday I did Set the Week, and some of the kids/facilitators from ALC NYC came and visited, I hung out with some of them. I cant remember what day it was but some of them made a marble run, which I watched for a bit, when I was little I was obsessed with marble runs and haven’t seen one in a long time, but I was happy to see one. I also went out side for a bit.
  • On Tuesday I did geometry and Ryan from NYC joined us. I went out side for a bit and played Bedwars with some of the NYC kids.
  • On Wednesday A group of people went to the Bechtler Museum, A modern art museum. We were joined by some of the NYC facilitators, we did a tour there and just looked at some of the art. When we got back I ate lunch, and after played Bedwars and The Bridge with some of the NYC kids.
  • On Thursday I did another geometry class, and learned by far one of my favorite things, how to find volume of 3 dimensional shapes, it was a lot of fun, also played more Bridge and Bedwars with some NYC kids
  • On Friday a group of people went to Space Jam, I don’t really know what it is, but the school was kind of quiet, I brought my Nintendo Switch to school and played Kirby Star Allies, it was my first time actually playing it, I played it with my brother a little bit but he was pretty far into the game, I did enjoy it. I played The Pit, and also went outside and played basketball and played on the zip line. After that we did Community Lunch and Gratitudes and Shoutouts.

So yeah thats it. It was a pretty fun week.


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