My Week

Greeetings. I did not post a blog last week, or the week before… so yeah.

  • On Monday I played Fortnite, yes i’ve been sucked into the vortex. Drew a little bit. also played Binding of Isaac Afterbirth plus. And after school I met with a math tutor, we went over some radicals/geometry and I now remember the formula to find volume of a sphere and a circle yey.
  • On Tuesday I played some more Fortnite lel, also caught up on some geometry and did some review work. Didn’t do that much on Tuesday.
  • On Wednesday it was a chill day, a group of people went to a civil rights museum, so a bunch of people were gone, so I just hung out, played Fortnite with some people that are visiting the school, and drew a little bit.
  • On Thursday We did change-up first thing, we didn’t really do a standard change-up, we did a different activity, where we basically write down what we want more of, then what we are challenged by/what we want less of, it was a fun activity I also played Isaac and played a small bit of Fortnite.
  • On Friday We did community lunch, then a gratitude circle. I played some Isaac and didn’t play fortnite, what a shock.

Yeah thats it a sorta productive week.

My semi-lame week

What it do? I’m gonna be doing something new. I’m gonna share what I did this week!(sarcasm)

  • On Monday It poured outside, soo not much happened. It was a chill day, I just did random stuff on my computer. just played Hypixel.
  • On Tuesday I did a Tai Chi thing that a kid from roots grandmother offered, it was actually really awesome, we learned a few things about energy and how to disrupt it, and it actually worked. I couldn’t do the entire class because I had to do geometry,
  • On Wednesday I did change-up, and after that I went outside and helped Miguel (A facilitator from roots) with the garden on the frontside of the school. And after that ate lunch and just chilled for the rest of the day.
  • On Thursday I hung out with some friends, then I had to do geometry and had a hard time remembering certain things like formulas to find area of shapes. After that I ate lunch, then I helped Miguel some more with the garden, usually when I help him I just help with the landscape, kinda. Again, just chilled for the rest of the day.
  • On Friday I drew, a decent amount, I just did some figure sketches, I haven’t had a lot of inspiration lately so I just drew a bunch of random stuff, and I ended up liking it. Then I played Hypixel a little bit, after that we did community lunch and gratitude and shoutouts, and now i’m blogging.

Welp thats pretty much it.

My “Decent” Week

Oi Welcome back to another masterpiece.

  • On Monday I did Set the Week, and some of the kids/facilitators from ALC NYC came and visited, I hung out with some of them. I cant remember what day it was but some of them made a marble run, which I watched for a bit, when I was little I was obsessed with marble runs and haven’t seen one in a long time, but I was happy to see one. I also went out side for a bit.
  • On Tuesday I did geometry and Ryan from NYC joined us. I went out side for a bit and played Bedwars with some of the NYC kids.
  • On Wednesday A group of people went to the Bechtler Museum, A modern art museum. We were joined by some of the NYC facilitators, we did a tour there and just looked at some of the art. When we got back I ate lunch, and after played Bedwars and The Bridge with some of the NYC kids.
  • On Thursday I did another geometry class, and learned by far one of my favorite things, how to find volume of 3 dimensional shapes, it was a lot of fun, also played more Bridge and Bedwars with some NYC kids
  • On Friday a group of people went to Space Jam, I don’t really know what it is, but the school was kind of quiet, I brought my Nintendo Switch to school and played Kirby Star Allies, it was my first time actually playing it, I played it with my brother a little bit but he was pretty far into the game, I did enjoy it. I played The Pit, and also went outside and played basketball and played on the zip line. After that we did Community Lunch and Gratitudes and Shoutouts.

So yeah thats it. It was a pretty fun week.


I’m back

Hello, I’m back from spring break fools.

So during my spring break I worked 3 days, also went to the bank and opened a checking and saving account and got a debit card. I also went to the white water center and went on the biggest zip line they have. I spent the rest of my break just chilling, doing a little bit of geometry work mainly to review.

So now what I did the week after break.

  • We didn’t have school on Monday
  • On Tuesday we did a check-in for geometry since we were on spring break. Other than that nothing really happened on Tuesday.
  • On Wednesday It was quiet. And I did some IXL. Most of the school went to the Challenger Center, it’s kinda like a museum for rocket ships I think.
  • On Thursday It was pajama day. We did some geometry work, again just to review some stuff. Also a group of people went to see a movie called “A wrinkle in time” which I don’t really know anything about. It was also very nice outside and I played Basket ball with some friends.
  • On Friday I played some Garry’s Mod, a game that I don’t personally like. but I played it with a few friends, we also did community lunch and gratitude circle.

So yeah. Bit of a longer blog.

This Week.

Oi. This is what I did this week.

  • On Monday I played Bedwars, played some Clash Royale and did IXL.
  • On Tuesday I played Wynncraft, played Bedwars, Also did geometry and started to do a test.
  • On Wednesday I finished my geometry test, played The Pit and Clash Royale.
  • On Thusday I did some more geometry, also got a pretty bad score on my test, but I had forgotten what complementary and supplementary angles are, so over spring break I will do some homework and work on what I had forgotten in the test. I also played soccer.
  • On Friday I played some Basketball with friends played The Pit, and did the community lunch thing, also did IXL.

Sooo. yeah

My Week!

Greetings friends! This is what I did this week.

  • No school Monday.
  • No school Tuesday.
  • On Wednesday I did change-up meeting played some Clash Royale with friends, did some IXL, played Bedwars and caught up on my geometry work.
  • On Thursday I did geometry, and in geometry we learned a useful formula to measure area and perimeter. I also played Totally accurate battle simulator, played more Bedwars and went outside and played basketball
  • On Friday I played MORE Bedwars, I also drew a little bit and ate lunch.

Yeahhh thats kinda it.

My Week

Greetings friends, this is what I did this week.

  • Did some of my math on IXL
  • Made a new MC account that I do not hack on.
  • Started playing Wynncraft again.
  • Started up some geometry classes.
  • Went to see the Black Panther, And I really enjoyed the theme of the movie.
  • Played some BBall with Andrew.
  • Played this game “Block Pass” for like 5 mins then I left.
  • Ate lunch a few times.
  • Hung out with people
  • Drew a tiny little bit
  • Played Clash Royale with some peeps

And I believe thats it, see you next time.

My Week

Hiii there, same old what I did this week.

  • Updated Fortnite, and guess what, it is no longer able to run on my computer! Because of the update! Yay!!
  • Played Minecraft.
  • Played Rocket League.
  • Played outside some.
  • Played Issac AB+
  • Messed around with Discord.
  • Did IXL
  • Ate lunch a few times.
  • Went to McDonalds for lunch. Yoohoo
  • Gave some Pok√©mon cards to people
  • Played Clash Royale
  • Drew a lil bit
  • Hung out
  • And did some stuff on my computer.

Seems like theres a lot I did but not really.

My Week

This is what I did this week!

  • Played Minecraft.
  • Made a few Macro keys on my Razer Naga and played with them.
  • Ate Lunch a few times.
  • Did a Landscape art class.
  • Did my IXL
  • Did a Graduation meeting.
  • Got Fortnite. And played Fortnite.
  • Played Basketball.
  • Played Rocket League.
  • Hung out with friends.
  • And I did Change-up meeting

YAP. this what i did