I’m back

Hello, I’m back from spring break fools.

So during my spring break I worked 3 days, also went to the bank and opened a checking and saving account and got a debit card. I also went to the white water center and went on the biggest zip line they have. I spent the rest of my break just chilling, doing a little bit of geometry work mainly to review.

So now what I did the week after break.

  • We didn’t have school on Monday
  • On Tuesday we did a check-in for geometry since we were on spring break. Other than that nothing really happened on Tuesday.
  • On Wednesday It was quiet. And I did some IXL. Most of the school went to the Challenger Center, it’s kinda like a museum for rocket ships I think.
  • On Thursday It was pajama day. We did some geometry work, again just to review some stuff. Also a group of people went to see a movie called “A wrinkle in time” which I don’t really know anything about. It was also very nice outside and I played Basket ball with some friends.
  • On Friday I played some Garry’s Mod, a game that I don’t personally like. but I played it with a few friends, we also did community lunch and gratitude circle.

So yeah. Bit of a longer blog.

This Week.

Oi. This is what I did this week.

  • On Monday I played Bedwars, played some Clash Royale and did IXL.
  • On Tuesday I played Wynncraft, played Bedwars, Also did geometry and started to do a test.
  • On Wednesday I finished my geometry test, played The Pit and Clash Royale.
  • On Thusday I did some more geometry, also got a pretty bad score on my test, but I had forgotten what complementary and supplementary angles are, so over spring break I will do some homework and work on what I had forgotten in the test. I also played soccer.
  • On Friday I played some Basketball with friends played The Pit, and did the community lunch thing, also did IXL.

Sooo. yeah

My Week!

Greetings friends! This is what I did this week.

  • No school Monday.
  • No school Tuesday.
  • On Wednesday I did change-up meeting played some Clash Royale with friends, did some IXL, played Bedwars and caught up on my geometry work.
  • On Thursday I did geometry, and in geometry we learned a useful formula to measure area and perimeter. I also played Totally accurate battle simulator, played more Bedwars and went outside and played basketball
  • On Friday I played MORE Bedwars, I also drew a little bit and ate lunch.

Yeahhh thats kinda it.

My Week

Greetings friends, this is what I did this week.

  • Did some of my math on IXL
  • Made a new MC account that I do not hack on.
  • Started playing Wynncraft again.
  • Started up some geometry classes.
  • Went to see the Black Panther, And I really enjoyed the theme of the movie.
  • Played some BBall with Andrew.
  • Played this game “Block Pass” for like 5 mins then I left.
  • Ate lunch a few times.
  • Hung out with people
  • Drew a tiny little bit
  • Played Clash Royale with some peeps

And I believe thats it, see you next time.

My Week

Hiii there, same old what I did this week.

  • Updated Fortnite, and guess what, it is no longer able to run on my computer! Because of the update! Yay!!
  • Played Minecraft.
  • Played Rocket League.
  • Played outside some.
  • Played Issac AB+
  • Messed around with Discord.
  • Did IXL
  • Ate lunch a few times.
  • Went to McDonalds for lunch. Yoohoo
  • Gave some Pok√©mon cards to people
  • Played Clash Royale
  • Drew a lil bit
  • Hung out
  • And did some stuff on my computer.

Seems like theres a lot I did but not really.

My Week

This is what I did this week!

  • Played Minecraft.
  • Made a few Macro keys on my Razer Naga and played with them.
  • Ate Lunch a few times.
  • Did a Landscape art class.
  • Did my IXL
  • Did a Graduation meeting.
  • Got Fortnite. And played Fortnite.
  • Played Basketball.
  • Played Rocket League.
  • Hung out with friends.
  • And I did Change-up meeting

YAP. this what i did

My Week

This is what I did this week

  • Didn’t come to school Monday or Tuesday.
  • Played some people in Mariokart 8 Deluxe. Btw no one beats me in Mariokart.
  • Played a lot of Rocket League. Also 1v1ed somebody in Rocket League
  • Went outside and played Basket Ball.
  • Did math and Physics.
  • Attended somebody’s around the sun.
  • Hung out with some friends.
  • Ate lunch a few times.
  • Also played Minecraft.

Thats it

What I did this week

This is what I did this week:

  • Drew, A whole bunch. Also did a Manga drawing class.
  • I ate lunch 5 times this Week.
  • Did Math, Physics and Science.
  • Went with the flow a few times.
  • Played Minecraft and Streets of Rogue.
  • Did a twelve year old and up trip planning meeting that I wasn’t interested in.
  • Did an Around the sun
  • Played with my Rubik’s Cube
  • And hung out with some friends.

Yap, thats it.

My week

Hello there, this is what I did this week.

  • Ate lunch a few times
  • Played BedWars
  • Played on my MarioKart on my Switch
  • Did Set the week
  • Did ChangeUp
  • Did my math
  • Played Allies
  • Did art class meeting as well as some drawing
  • Hang out with people
  • And cleaned up

yeah thats all i did