My Week #69

Sup guys! This is what I did this week

  • Monday: No school                                                                                                                                                  sklezs
  • Tuesday: No school
  • Wednesday: Change-Up, Rubik’s Cube, Rode my Skate Board, Did stuff on my computer.
  • Thursday: Played some Monopoly, Rubik’s Cube, played Isaac, played Gungeon, Rode Skate board
  • Friday: played Isaac, played Gungeon, More Rubik’s Cube, Rode my Skate Board, Did stuff on computer

I wasn’t here for two days of the week. so yeah

My Week #360

Hello guys! This is my week

  • Monday: No School
  • Tuesday: No school                                                                                   skelz
  • Wednesday: Played Do you really know me, Played Isaac, Played Balder Dash, Played with my Rubiks Cube
  • Thursday: Went to the park, Rode a scooter, Rode a skateboard.
  • Friday: Went to the park, Played Enter the Gungeon, Played Isaac.

didnt do muhc hheha

My week 1337

Hi guys! This my week:

  • Monday: No school
  • Tuesday: Did A&P,  did CrossFit Went with flow.
  • Wednesday: Did Change-up meeting,  did space jam for like an hour.
  • Thursday: Got better with a Rubik’s Cube, Played Clash Royale, Played outside.
  • Friday: No school

Super short blog. Didn’t do much this week. Went by quick

My week #9001

Ello friends!

Monday: Went to the park, played Isaac and went with the flow

Tuesday: No school

Wednesday: Algebra, Change up, Gratitude circle, did stuff on my computer and went with the flow

Tuesday: Went with the flow, went to the park, watched Walking Dead.

Friday: Went to park, Played banana tag went with flow.

So yeah didnt do much

My week #666

Hello friends!!11! This is what I did this week.

  • Monday: Went to the park, Played Binding of Isaac Rebirth.
  • Tuesday: No school
  • Wednesday: Did Algebra, did Change-Up Meeting Played Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Did Gratitude circle, Watched Walking ded, Went with flow.
  • Thursday: Watched Walking ded, Played MORE BINDING OF ISAAC, Pretty much did nothing.
  • Friday: Won first place in the talent show with @alobob, I did dab push-ups while he just ran around the room dabbing, while playing the song “Ultimate by Deznal Curry”, Played even… more… Binding of Isaac, Mastered Ollies on my skateboard.

So yeah. Pretty good week :D:D:D:D


Enter title here

Hello!!1! I didn’t do much this week

  • Monday: No school
  • Tuesday: Did next book planning, Played Binding of Issac Rebirth, Rode @willmh’s Penny board
  • Wednesday: Did Algebra, Looked for trash around the school, Did gratitude circle, made a mini skatepark out of wood and played with finger boards.
  • Thursday: went to the mint museum of art.
  • Friday: Did a cooking class, and went with the flow.

Not a very productive week, and didn’t do much. so yeah

My week

Hey guys!

This is my week

  • Monday: Read a Series of  Unfortunate Events. Did Algebra, Went with flow and did some drawing for someone 😉
  • Tuesday: Read a Series of  Unfortunate Events again.  Did A&P (Anatomy and Physiology) and Crossfit
  • Wednesday: No school for me.
  • Thursday: Went on a hike. did cooking class and played Binding of Issac Rebirth

There is no school tomorrow (Friday) so yeah. Short week for me =)

My Week :D

Hello friends! this is my week

  • Monday No school for me.
  • Tuesday No school for me.
  • Wednesday Did some algebra and did tech free hour
  • Thursday Went on a hike and did Crossfit
  • Friday Did some Skateboard tricks, Hung out with people and went with flow.

RIDICOLOUSLY short blog, I didn’t document most of the stuff I did, so thats why its short. Next weeks blog will be longer 😀

My week!

Hey guys!! I had a great week.

  • Monday Played hide and seek tag, Went to the park and played Capture The Flag and did Algebra
  • Tuesday No school on Tuesday for me, but did Crossfit when school was over,
  • Wednesday Went to park and played Capture the Flag did some Algebra and Played Pokemon X
  • Thursday Did a cooking class, played outside and played Pokemon X
  • Friday Decided the next book we are doing for the book club, Played Pokemon X and hung out with friends.

So yeah, Had a pretty fun week =)

My week

Hello guys! This is my week

  • Monday: There was no school on monday.
  • Tuesday: Played Balderdash, Played Pokemon Moon, Went with the flow and played
  • Wednesday: Did algebra, Played Capture the Flag, Went with the flow and played Pokemon Moon
  • Thursday: Went on a hike and did the Road trip planning meeting
  • Friday: Did Wings check in, Watched people carve soap, Went to the park to play Basketball, Played Pokemon Moon and Played

Didn’t really do that much. But had a good week 😀